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Book of Sports is the company of
Anne-Jaap Snijders:

consultant | board member | investor


What is Book of Sports

Book of Sports is a declaration of James I, King of England issued in 1617. It listed the sports and recreations that were permitted on Sundays and other holy days. As son of a sports loving pastor I was encouraged to sport actively, even on Sundays. On one condition that I would not participate in a competition on Sundays. The name fit like a glove to me and my own advisory firm. As giving a sincere advice (welgedacht advies) to companies who are in need for a sportsmarketing strategy and to sportsbook operators. May the odds be (ever) in your favor!

Who is Anne-Jaap Snijders?

I am a Master of Science in Economics with specialisation Marketing and have been working 25 years in the sports, media and betting industry. After doing the merchandising at PSV Eindhoven and being head of Marketing at Voetbal International I joined stocklisted Kindred (Unibet). Where the last five years I became the Chief Commercial Officer. Next to my executive role I have been a board member of Relax gaming and the Casino of Blankenberge in Belgium.


Positions and companies

Currently I am on the advisory board of Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates. Whose code is increasing transparancy and reponsibility within affiliates who promote betting firms and online casinos. Next to this I am board member of Padel Powers, a company who aims to become market leader in the Czech republic. Last but not least advising a licensed, international operator and a publisher in sports content.

Anne-Jaap Snijders

+31 6 2039 3231

Pythagorasstraat 20h

1098 GC Amsterdam

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